A special gratis gokkast job

As real experts in our field we never say no to any request. We are the Juzi Men and we know how to do things right. Even if we get a job in a foreign language. This one was quite special, because the project name was gokkast gratis and even though most people know what gratis means, we had to look up the word gokkast. It is Dutch for slot machine, which makes sense because our customer is an online casino that is looking to attract more casino players. The name of the casino is Look Casino and its mascot is a minion type of character with a humongous pair of glasses.

Look Casino

So this gokkast gratis job needed to take Look Casino to the next level. In order to be able to accomplish that and focus on slot machines, we decided to take a completely different approach. Instead of just creating static content, we made an animated video with the Look Casino mascot in the lead. You might not be surprised to learn that his name is Luke. In our piece Luke went for a walk in the casino and discovered several free slot machines. These are exactly the same as Look Casino offers.

Let’s go slot machine

To put some extra juice into it, we decided to take this casino slot machine job to the next level. We created many different accounts for Look Casino on which we published our material. Which was only the first of many to come. And it seemed to have worked as there was a lot of engagement from casino slot machine players as well as potential future casino players. Luke the casino mascot was a huge success and in the months after we have released another casino piece every month, mostly about slot machines. This has really skyrocketed the casino player engagement.

Into the casino

However, the challenge was to get all of these Luke and casino enthusiasts into Look Casino and interested in slot machines. Not all of them were going to the casino. Actually, only a small part of the people did. The others were more interested in the casino content we created and not so much in the casino. We had a brainstorm session and decided that we needed to do more than just create brand awareness for Look Casino. We also needed to entice players to go there. And what better way than with gratis gokkasten, free slot machines, like the name of this concept indicates? That’s right.

No deposit casino bonuses

A promotion called gokkast gratis cannot get away with not offering an no deposit bonus. That’s why we started adding bottom bars in the Luke pieces with no deposit bonus offers. These would also be mentioned in the descriptions. But that wasn’t all. We were going all in and decided to write to the main affiliates in our markets to see what would take to put Look Casino at the top of the no deposit bonus lists. Quickly we learned that we simply needed to offer the best no deposit casino bonus, which is why we did just that.

Results after 6 months

More often than not, we notice that only one approach is not enough when it comes to what we were trying to accomplish. This was also the case with Look Casino. Focusing on Luke the mascot only got us halfway where we wanted to be. It was only after we increased our no deposit casino bonus, that the players were able to find the casino. The great part about it is that we managed to convert a nice part of these casino players into loyal ones that are still active months later. And that is actually more than we aimed for in the beginning.