About Us

JuziMen was started by three young men in 2010. The idea originated when three male friends who were graduating from college did not know what they wanted to do after graduating, and they realized that starting a company may be a great idea. Two of them had a great deal of experience and expertise in computers, and the other was about to graduate at the top of his class with a marketing degree. The economy was fairly rough at the time, and they figured that their best shot at being able to make a living after college was to get together and start a business of their own. Since they knew that online marketing was a growing field, they figured that they would pool their talents and start an online marketing company. We are those three young men.

Though the company started out small, it grew very quickly. It turned out that there was a very large market for what we were doing. As such, we decided to specialize further and focus on online marketing targeting females. We began to work exclusively with clients who had largely female target demographics, and we soon expanded into one of the largest online marketing companies in the United Kingdom, and the largest company that was working with female oriented companies.

Today, JuziMen works with various companies that are well known throughout the nation and even the world. We have done notable work with online casino companies, as well as companies in other major industries. We have done a lot of good work with these companies to significantly expand their customer bases and increase their online exposure significantly. We have done this via different kinds of online marketing strategies, including a focus on SEO, social media marketing, and more. We know how to leverage our experience and knowledge to be able to design and modify marketing campaigns so that they are as effective as possible, making it possible for the companies we work for to be as successful as possible.

Any company that could benefit from becoming a client of JuziMen should certainly consider us. We have shown that they are capable of both helping start up a campaign from scratch and enhancing one that needs improvement, both with stellar results for our clients. We have many satisfied clients who would vouch for our abilities, and we are more than happy to take on more. If you have a mainly female target demographic and want some help where your online marketing campaign is concerned, you should consider this company for your campaign.